Our HTM Community

At Holy Trinity Montessori, we are very blessed to have a strong community made up of our school staff, families, and neighbors. In fact, one of the most notable distinctions at HTM is our kind, generous, supportive and encouraging community. 

Multiple times throughout each year, we offer different groups the opportunity to connect. Sometimes parents, teachers, friends, and supporters of the school come together to raise funds, like when we volunteer for and participate in Art of Whine in the fall. Other times, moms, dads, or families we meet up to build relationships, learn more about the Montessori approach, celebrate with one another, and connect. 

HTM students enjoy working together on projects, playing sports, and participating in extracurricular activities that encourage academic, physical, and spiritual growth and development. And of course, there are plenty of opportunities to just have fun and play together. 

Our HTM Community is a very special part of our school, and we are grateful for each family, friend, and supporter that joins us in our journey!