Our new campus will be so much more than a group of buildings where children learn how to read, write, and do arithmetic. It will become the very soul of Holy Trinity Montessori: a place where we intentionally, skillfully, and prayerfully help shape every young mind and heart entering through our beautiful wooden gates.

The total cost to build our new campus (currently under construction) is $4,300,000. 

Thanks to the generosity and fundraising efforts of our HTM families, approximately $300,000 has already been contributed toward our Capital Campaign, "From Seed to Vine." By raising these initial funds, we were able to secure the necessary bank financing to move ahead with our project. 

Going forward, we desire to engage the community for support while we embark on the next phase in our new campus. While we raise awareness of our school and our mission through our multi-faceted campaign, we remain focused and committed to our values.

Holy Trinity Montessori is a product of the seeds of hope, our roots run deep and our vine continues to grow, reach and thrive. We invite you to join us on this journey, because we believe, “some schools simply teach; we inspire for life.”

building for Future Generations