our new campus

Our beautiful new campus is situated on 38 acres of pristine, undeveloped land in burgeoning Bellevue near the Natchez Trace. 

In line with Montessori principles, our new campus was designed to feature a community- centered “village” concept, which allows children of varying ages to interact throughout the day as they would in a family environment. 

Our new campus can accommodate up to 130 students ranging in age from infancy through middle school.  

our commitment

Sustainability   |     Responsibility     |     Conservation

At Holy Trinity Montessori, children are taught to respect and appreciate nature. We spend a lot of time playing and learning outdoors, working in our gardens, cultivating beautiful flowers, and caring for the land.

As we grow into our new campus, we are committed to the conservation of the natural resources around us. Every element of our design, from the building materials to our landscaped rain garden, has been thoughtfully prepared with sustainability in mind. 

With fields for running, trails for hiking, gardens for digging, and natural playscapes for creative play, our young friends have the opportunity to spend ample time enjoying and learning from time spent outdoors. 

Our 38-acre campus is the ideal setting in which to preserve the natural beauty of the gorgeous Nashville landscape around us. 

notes of DISTINCTIONS for

our new campus

Authentic Montessori Environments

Low Tuition Structure

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

Multi-Age Classrooms

Low Teacher/Child Ratios

Montessori-Credentialed Teachers

Reading Proficiency Program

Small Class Sizes

Thoughtful Architectural Design

Community-Centered Campus

Indoor/ Outdoor Classroom Spaces

Organic Garden and Composting

Natural Outdoor Play Areas

38 Undeveloped Acres to Explore

Emphasis on Environmental Care

Hiking Trails

Healthy Lifestyle Programs

Leading School Safety Standards

Working Farm School

Supportive Family Community

Individualized Instruction

Extended Care Options

Specialized Music & Art Programs

Future Athletics and Arts Expansions