the trillium mosaic project

As a mission-based non-profit school, we are committed to maintaining an affordable tuition structure. Our Annual Giving program helps to support this mission while fulfilling our financial commitments. 

The Trillium Mosaic Project is a yearly project in which we create a beautiful tile mosaic in the multi-purpose room. The mosaic is a reminder for all of us to remember our goal of 100% participation and serves as a beautiful symbol of the power of community. The mosaic will be complete when we meet our goal of $225,000.

why give?

Each student at Holy Trinity Montessori currently receives an average annual subsidy of more than $1,500. This means 100% of tuition fees are allocated for operating costs, leaving no surplus to go toward our capital debt. The balance must be financed in order for us to fulfill our faith-based Montessori mission.


This year, we have established a goal to raise $255,000 toward our capital debt. If each enrolled family were required to give a cash donation to make up this amount, the average would be $2,500. To avoid creating this hardship for many of our families, we have chosen to invite our community to join in the initiative to raise the funds together.


Your financial gift is purposed toward paying down our capital debt. When you give, you help us fulfill our financial obligations while honoring our mission to maintain an affordable tuition structure. You also help many current families by easing their financial burdens, thereby allowing them to continue to afford this educational experience for their children.

By giving to Holy Trinity Montessori, you are helping to pave the way for us to meet the academic, emotional, and spiritual needs of children and families for generations to come.

who should give?

In short - Everyone!

As a faith-based community, we believe in the power of working together. Some families can give more than others, but each can do its part. In this way, every family benefits. For this reason, we need 100% participation from our currently enrolled families to help to fulfill our goal.

We will also gratefully accept contributions from outside donors. If you are passionate about our mission and want to invest in our vision, or simply desire to honor a particular child or family at our school, the Trillium Mosaic Project is a perfect way to participate. We also welcome donations from alumni families who want to "give back" to Holy Trinity Montessori. 

how do i give?

There are a number of ways you can give a donation to Holy Trinity Montessori's Trillium Mosaic Project. Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Give a generous one-time gift
  • Pledge to give on a monthly basis
  • Participate in our SCRIP rebate program
  • Secure corporate matching gifts
  • Secure donations from friends and family
  • Acquire grants for the school
  • Supporting "Art of Whine" by purchasing tickets and bidding on auction items at the event

Please contact Laura Frith, Director of Development, if you would like to give a significant gift, set up a monthly pledge, or designate your gift for a current family. You may call Laura at 615-779-6309 or send her an email.

To give a one-time donation now, please click here.