Our new campus is so much more than a group of buildings where children learn how to read, write, and practice arithmetic. It has the very soul of Holy Trinity Montessori: a place where we intentionally, skillfully, and prayerfully help shape every young mind and heart entering our doors. This campus was created to fulfill our vision of serving future generations in a safe, sound, and beautifully designed environment.

With the support of our board, families, and extended community, we acquired the financing to accomplish our goal of purchasing this land and building our school. As of now, the total remaining capital balance owed is $3.7 Million.

As a non-profit school, part of our mission has always been to provide an authentic, faith-based Montessori educational experience for as many families as possible. We are committed to maintaining an affordable tuition structure in order to fulfill this mission. As a result, revenue from tuition only covers our basic operating costs.

While many have advised us to significantly raise tuition, we are unwilling to sacrifice our mission in order to ease our burden of debt. Instead, we have chosen to work together to raise the funds through our Annual Giving campaign, through which we accept donations earmarked to pay down our balance. These contributions come from our families, our community of supporters, local business partners, and other strategic and private donors. 

Our goal is to pay down our capital debts as quickly as possible. We invite you to join us on this journey because we believe that while some schools simply teach, Holy Trinity Montessori inspires for life.