the htm community

One of our strongest assets is our school community, made up of our students, families, staff, and others who support our mission and vision. Throughout the year, we provide multiple opportunities for growth, connection, and service to our parent community. Here are some of the ways we have enjoyed our community in the past: 



We offer events throughout the year which are centered on Parent Education. Some of these events are designed to inform about the Montessori method and how it works; for example, our Silent Journey gives parents a glimpse at how a child might experience a Montessori education from toddlerhood through middle school, and how this journey will uniquely prepare them for the future. 

Other forums focus on equipping parents with knowledge and tools to support their children and promote mental, physical, and emotional health and wellness at home. These seminars and workshops are usually taught by guest speakers who are qualified to present on a wide range of topics, such as Positive Discipline, Resiliency, Technology and Social Media, and much more. 


As a school community, we love to provide opportunities for connection. For parents, we host Moms' Nights and Dads' Nights, which are casual gatherings geared toward getting to know one another and building relationships. In the past, these have included dinner or drinks at a nearby restaurant, a floral arranging class, or a poker tournament. 

For students, we like to facilitate some off-campus opportunities to connect, like Summer Park Hangs and our End-of-Year Picnic. We also encourage students to participate in clubs and other extracurriculars that enrich their school experience beyond the classroom. 


There are many opportunities to serve at HTM! Each year, parents collectively log hundreds of volunteer hours as we prepare for events such as our annual fundraiser, Art of Whine, and other events such as our Christmas or Spring programs, Parent Education events, and more. Parent volunteers also provide classroom support on an ongoing basis, which can look like anything from doing laundry to cutting laminated materials. 

Families are encouraged to serve together throughout the year by volunteering to provide Animal Care, which involves feeding and checking on our goats and chickens after regular school hours and on weekends. We also host other family service days in the spring and fall in which we clean up our grounds, complete projects, plant and tend to our gardens, and more. These provide great opportunities for parents and kids to work together to contribute toward something our whole community can enjoy.  

Our HTM Community is a very special part of our school, and we are grateful for each family, friend, and supporter that joins us in our journey!