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We are pleased to offer an amazing educational experience to children in our Lower Elementary community (grades 1-3). This multi-aged classroom is an ideal setting to introduce the philosophy of the “Cosmic Education” as described by Maria Montessori, which utilizes The Great Lessons. At their essence, The Great Lessons are stories that present broad themes from natural and human history and spark curiosity, wonder, and a desire to learn more within the child. This approach emphasizes the interconnectedness of many things that children observe and learn, such as Math, Language, Zoology, Botany, Science, Geometry, and World Cultures. 

The Great Lessons deliver an overview which invites the children to explore the disciplines in depth. Because of the unifying thread of the Great Lessons, no subject is studied in isolation from the others.

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Students build on the concrete ideas established within their Primary years, but begin to explore more abstract ideas within their educational interests in order to master concepts. Instead of compartmentalizing learning by focusing on one classroom subject at a time, our Lower Elementary friends are encouraged to explore all aspects of a subject of interest. There is no cap on learning in our Lower Elementary classroom, and our students constantly amaze us at their dedicated pursuit of knowledge!

While our Lower Elementary students learn to appreciate the wonder and beauty of the natural world and the historic accomplishments of humanity, they develop a sense of their own individual responsibility and potential to enhance their natural and cultural environments. When coupled with our Catechesis of the Good Shepherd curriculum for spiritual development, our students begin to understand the value of their faith, families, and community.

In addition to this rich classroom curriculum, our Lower Elementary students also enjoy exposure to art, music, field trips, volunteer work and community-wide leadership.