creating a lifelong love of learning

At Holy Trinity Montessori, everything we do is purposefully designed to create a lifelong love for learning. We take an integrated approach to learning, which incorporates a variety of subjects (like math, science, language, geography, and history) into a cohesive stream of learning rather than breaking them up into segmented and limited blocks. This gives us the opportunity to cover the same basic skills taught in traditional schools while encouraging each child to go deeper and explore areas of particular interest. We love this approach because it shows how all things are interconnected while allowing students to satisfy their curiosity about specific topics.

Beginning in our Toddler community, we help children understand abstract concepts by presenting a concrete (physical) representation. This allows children to absorb information no matter how they learn best, whether they're visual, auditory, or tactile learners. As they grow in the elementary years, we present the natural progression from concrete back to abstract, which encourages critical thinking and prepares the child for the rigorous demands of middle school, high school, and beyond.

Instead of expecting every child to have identical strengths and abilities, the Montessori method celebrates individuality and gives each child the opportunity to learn at his or her own pace. Shame, embarrassment, and unhealthy forms of comparison have no place in a Montessori classroom. Rather, each child is able to focus on his or her own progress and contribute to an atmosphere of grace and encouragement.

Statistically speaking, Montessori-educated students tend to perform as well or better than their peers when tested. However, in certain areas, they excel overall - particularly in math and science, creative writing, and language. We believe this is because we help them understand the "why" behind the "how." Many very successful science, technology, and business leaders (for example, the founders of Google) credit their Montessori backgrounds for preparing them academically, but also training them how to engage creatively and produce work that exceeds expectations.

While scientific research confirms that Montessori children have an advantage academically, it also suggests a stronger presentation in social and emotional development; they generally have a strong sense of fairness and judgment, exhibit a greater range of empathy, and typically choose positive responses in social dilemmas.

At Holy Trinity Montessori, our motto says it all. We are in pursuit of Peace, Knowledge, and Faith - and our academic program prepares each child for the path ahead while preserving his or her innate desire to learn.

classroom communities

Holy Trinity Montessori offers mixed-age classroom communities in which we practice three-year cycles of education. Mixed-age classrooms invite collaboration, encourage personal growth and independence, and give students the confidence to develop at their own pace, which contributes to a lifelong love of learning. Modern research supports Dr. Maria Montessori’s observations more than a century ago: not only do children in mixed-age classrooms perform the same as, or better than, children in same-grade classrooms, but they have significantly higher positive attitudes toward school, themselves, and their peers. Our classroom communities offer continuity and confidence, encourage repetition and mastery of subjects, and provide students with opportunities to cooperate rather than compete. 

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