upper elementary

Grades 4-6 join together to form our Upper Elementary community. In this classroom, students continue to experience their academic, social, and moral development in a beautifully designed environment filled with captivating and purposeful materials. Our curriculum allows every child to move through each subject area at a pace that supports his or her mastery of the topic, which builds confidence and self-esteem. Although children are in a more advanced stage of growth, they still experience the wonder, joy, and sense of accomplishment that accompany new discoveries and concepts.

our classroom

In our Upper Elementary classroom, you'll find in-depth research, consistent engagement, work that reflects the transition in which concrete concepts reach abstract fruition, experiential learning, challenging projects, industry and creativity, deep and meaningful relationships, respect and courtesy, and a love for learning. Our focus is to measure each child's personal progress rather than preparing her for a test. By learning the "why" and not just the "how," the child receives an educational foundation that prepares her for the more rigorous and demanding work ahead in the middle and high school years.

Upper Elementary students also learn how to navigate the social changes that accompany this stage of development. Within the carefully established environment of respect, grace, and courtesy of their classroom community, children learn how to develop critical interpersonal and leadership skills.

Beyond academics, our Upper Elementary friends enjoy a wide variety of well-rounded activities that support their physical, emotional, spiritual, and social health and growth.