toddler community

Our Toddler Community is a uniquely beautiful and special area of our campus, serving children ages 18 months through 3 years. When your toddler joins this community, he or she is immediately welcomed into a beautiful, calm, and peaceful environment that is designed just for them. Every detail, from the natural light, low orderly shelving, and child-sized furniture is prepared to create a sense of serenity and warmth.

Our classroom

The Toddler classroom is set up much like a home, with distinct areas that are designated for preparing and eating food, changing clothes, toileting, working, and enjoying personal activities. This offers each Toddler the opportunity to grow in independence, language development, care of self, and learning how to live in a community.

During this stage of development, children are eager to grow in independence in self-care (eating, dressing, toileting) and in caring for their surroundings (washing, sweeping). We give them the opportunity to explore these interests under the guidance of a specially-trained teacher, who helps them develop their motor skills, hand/eye coordination, and other important skills through the use of thoughtful, beautiful material. We also focus on language development through songs, books, pictures, and conversations with one another.