Community Service

Community Service is an important part of each child's experience at Holy Trinity Montessori. 

Our Lower Elementary community participates in several community service campaigns each year, such as creating “Blessing Bags” for the homeless and collecting blankets for local ministries such as “Room at the Inn.” 

In 2014, we began a coordinated effort to regularly spend time with the residents at a local senior assisted living facility. Every week, our students develop friendships with the residents, work on projects together, celebrate milestones, and experience other joyful interactions. The residents are blessed by the engagement of the children, but our young friends learn a valuable lesson as well: When you take the time to serve others, your own cup is filled. 

Additionally, students are encouraged to create their own opportunities to give back to our community. This promotes awareness of the needs of our local communities as well as people groups around the world, fosters empathy and compassion among our young friends, and equips them to make a difference through service.